About us

Function, assembly, and plasticity of neuronal circuits

The human brain is a very complex neuronal circuit. How does this circuit work and how does it wire up during development?

The major focus of the research in the lab is to understand how information about the world is represented/encoded in the brain, the circuits present in the adult and developing brain and their influence of brain development and plasticity. One focus is on probing the response of the brain to sensory stimuli and the other is to record from small sub-circuits and study their responses and circuit behavior in great detail. We are particularly interested in the relationships of mechanisms and circuits that underlie plasticity in both the juvenile and adult brain. We are addressing these issues by studies in the primary auditory and visual cortex using many different in vivo and in vitro approaches such as patch clamp recordings, in vivo 2-photon Ca imaging, in vivo optical stimulation, multi-electrode recordings, laser-scanning photostimulation etc.. Our work is supported by NIDCD , NEIAFOSR, and the BRAIN initiative.

Research images above by Patrick Kanold, Sarada Viswanathan and Sharba Bandyopadhyay